Here are some guide on what type of screws and how to mount a HDD or SSD on the P100 and P280 Enclosure

Here are some photos of the HDD Screws for the 3.5" HDD

Here is a photo of the trays and the installation points

A photo of how the 3.5" installed on the tray

The Screws might be long but it has it's purpose

The Reason why the screws are long are because the following:

  • The screws absorb the vibration and transfers the energy to the silicone grommets 
  • The screws secure the HDD (Hard Disk Drive) on the tray
  • The screws are designed to be longer to improve the cooling airflow on the tray

Here is a guide on how to install the 2.5 HDD (Hard Disk Drive) SSD (Solid State Drive) on the P100/P280 Tray

Here is a photo of the mounting screws

Mounting points on the Tray for installing SSD

Here are some installation photos

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